school ends in 19 days

at the moment:

lonley, but satisfied

by the way:

have a great day, you deserve it! xx

'I’ve learned that it’s not always going to be easy. It’s not going to be easy picking up the phone and calling a friend in need even when they haven’t done the same for you. it’s not going to be easy helping someone when you feel as if you’re not even making the slightest bit of difference in their mentality. it’s not going to be easy letting go of your first love. because after all they were the one who made you believe in it, right? it’s not going to be easy to try something new for the first time. it’s not going to be easy having to constantly move if you can’t afford your months rent. it’s not going to be easy to turn down an invite to that amazing party everyone will be talking about because you want some time alone. it’s not going to be easy trying to be on your own when all you want is someone to hold you and tell you that everything will be okay. but do you want to know what will be easy? realizing that despite all these uneasy difficulties, it was worth it. that time when you picked up the phone to call your friend? she was just about to end her life. that time you helped a friend in need even though you didn’t think you were making a difference? you made her feel as if she was worth something and ever since, she’s believed that. remember when you moved on from your first love and thought it was over forever? you actually ran into him in the coffee shop last night and he asked to exchange numbers. a week later he asked you on a date again. remember when you tried something new and it’s now something you enjoy doing on a daily basis? remember when you couldn’t afford October’s rent? it’s now January and you have your own place near the water where you’ve always wanted to reside. remember when you turned down that awesome party to take some time for yourself? that night you really discovered who you were. remember that time you felt so alone? you’re now realizing that you have tons of people who love and care for you. you realize that everything happens for a reason. even the times you were frustrated because things didn’t work out, something better always came along.'
— (k.m 3:32 a.m pointless writing)

when u see someone in public that looks like they have a tumblr n ur like oMG SOMEONE JUSt REBLOGGED ME HAHA OMG whats ur url